Love In Times Of War & Colaps




You are too much for me. 
I am not enough for you. 
We need each other. 
We are not good for each other. 
Is it love to need someone? 
How can I be good? 

More Pressure! 
Attacks from the Outside! 
Attacks at the Inside. 
Love In Times of War & Colaps. 

You are not enough for me? 
I am too much for you? 
We live better without each other. 
This Pressure will not go away, alone. 
More Pressure will come, also. 
Attacks from the Outside will continue. 
Attacks at the Inside --- 
I can do this alone, too. 
I can attack myself. 
You can attack yourself. 
I don't need you. 
You don't need me. 
We are free. 
We are too much! 
We are not enough! 
We need everybody. 
Is it love to need everybody? 
Is it love to suffer together? 
Is it Love? 
Or is it War? 
Or is it Colaps? 

Love, in Times of War & Colaps.